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Moving a mailbox from O365 to an on premises environment

Moving a mailbox from O365 to an on premises environment sounds like a complex task, but it is more simple than you might think it is. Here’s what you need to do:

Just once: Configure the migration endpoints in case your have multiple on prem exchange sites.

For each mailbox:

  1. In your on premises environment, create a mail enabled user (MEU) pointing to your O365 mailbox.
  2. Set the Mailbox GUID of the MEU to match the mailbox GUID of the O365 mailbox.
  3. Add the legacyexchangeDN as an X500 proxy address to both the MEU and the O365 mailbox.
  4. start the mailbox move from O365, using the migration endpoint that matches the destination site for the new on prem mailbox.